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A Girl’s Guide to Feeling Special



Did you know that something as simple as texting a woman to say, “I’m thinking about you,” may make her feel loved and valued more than anything else in your life? It is real. According to studies, talking about enjoyable times you’ve shared might make a lady feel special and bring the two of you closer. Want to learn even more simple techniques for making a female feel special? It turns out that all it takes to make her feel loved and cared for isn’t much.


Making a Girl Feel Loved and Special


Be present both physically and emotionally


Avoid staring off into the distance or daydreaming about Sunday night football when you’re with someone. When she begins to speak, Karleen Andresen, a psychotherapist, recommends, “Face her and look at her—with curiosity.” The physical relation can help you to find a way about how to make a girl feel special.


Send unwanted SMS messages


Real and not requested, or uninvited. According to psychotherapist Dr. Dion Metzger, “A text that says, I love you, or if you’re not at that level yet, thinking about you, tells volumes.”


Giving modest but thoughtful gifts


Without her admitting it, get her something you discovered she liked, advises Metzger. Bring some lavender sprigs home one day; she enjoys the fragrance.


Together, create novel experiences


According to relationship specialist Rori Sassoon, “arranging lessons to cultivate an interest of hers, a culinary course for example, indicates that you know what’s important to her and that you’re supportive.”


Perform a few of her tasks


Vera Vance, a relationship specialist and author, advises: “Make her feel valued and undertake part of the house tasks that she may ordinarily do.”


Query her preferences


Relationship therapist John Sullivan advises asking her what would make her feel special since you can’t read her mind. The key is to complete one or two every day, regardless of how motivated you feel.


Unexpectedly embrace her


In particular when she is tense, this helps her release the stress and lends your strength to it, explains Andersen. Or simply attempt to sneak up behind her and hug her.


Sit close to her


Body language is crucial if you really want to know how to make a female feel special. Sit next to her in a restaurant rather than across from her. According to Vance, “If you’re usually close by or sitting toward her, it subconsciously gives her a sense of being welcomed and safe.”


Give her regular compliments


Stef Safran, a matchmaker and dating specialist, complains that too many individuals wait until a particular occasion to complement someone. Compliments are gratuitous and make recipients feel valued.


Be traditional


According to life coach and relationship therapist Cheryl Detwiler, her husband and business partner. Women appreciate the effort, and opening doors for her demonstrates how out of touch he is.


Request her input on important choices


Ask her about your home or what you should get your mother for Christmas, no matter how large or tiny the question. A woman may feel like she is a special part of your life when they feel included in your decisions and decisions about them, according to Safran.


The best you’ve ever had, tell her


If men bring up past incidents of other women being promiscuous, women won’t feel special, they say. Bring the sexual memories you two built to life and make her feel like she is the finest you’ve ever had, advises Vance.


Plan romantic time for the two of you


Safran claims that small acts of kindness, such as a candlelit meal for two complete with a dress to wear, flowers, etc., may make a woman feel like a princess. If you want to know about how to make a girl feel special, romance can be a good option.


Reward her with public praise


Do it with your friends, family, and coworkers, advises Detwiler. She feels valued and unique as a result. Additionally, it conveys your pride in being with her.


Tell her you value her


Never allow your vulnerability to prevent you from giving someone all of your love. When you tell the female you’re with that you value her, want her, and need her companionship and counsel, she will eventually feel special.

It doesn’t have to be a difficult process to learn how to make a female feel unique. Simply be kind to her and show some empathy!

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